NES Core for the Super HD System 3 Released

Terraonion has just released the open source NES core that allows you to run NES games on their Super HD System 3 adapter.  This is based off the open source FPGANES core and while it runs well, it’s still considered a work in progress.  To install this core, simply copy the contents of the “SHSD3_NES/tree/master/SYS/NES” folder on github to the Root/SYS/NES folder on your MicroSD card;  You’ll probably need to create those directories too.

Purchase the SHDS3 here:
NES Core:

I tested an early beta at around the three-hour mark in the livestream below, if you’d like to see it in action.  While this certainly isn’t a feature I’d buy the SHDS3 specifically for, I think it’s a really cool bonus.  I mean, what if you enjoy using an unmodded NES/Famicom on a CRT, but want a shaper experience on a flat-panel sometimes too?  This device gets you a fully-functional ROM cart, Optical Drive Emulator, RGB output, composite video output, HDMI output, arcade card support AND SuperGrafx support…and now NES game support as well.

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