Neo Geo Pocket Color Replacement LCD Mask and retaining clip

The Neo Geo Pocket Color just got a high quality replacement LCD that looks amazing and is a zero effort mod, just unplug the old screen and plug in the new screen and its circuit board to get going. The only problem is that the new LCD isn’t the same size as the original, its smaller and doesn’t fill the whole screen area. To remedy this problem I created a bezel that fits into the original LCD opening to mask off around the screen, and a clip to hold the LCD in place while you assemble it. This just finishes off the mod and makes it look more professional.

The kits are available from Aliexpress:

The files for the mask can be found here:

Alternitively you can purchase a mask directly from


Big thanks to iFixRetro’s Ben Fong for helping to test the parts and providing the pictures.