Neo BIOS Masta – 2020 Version Now In Stock

The latest version of the Neo BIOS Masta is now in stock at  This device is used to upgrade the BIOS on the MV1B and MV1C motherboards to the UniBIOS, which ads a very long list of features.  The cost for the 2020 version is around $20 and for $5 more you can purchase a UniBIOS 4.0 chip pre-flashed and ready to go:

The main difference between previous versions is that you no longer need to solder the CE and OE wires anymore.  Also, it comes an MVS-style red and white color.

The Neo BIOS Masta has been a giant help for anyone with the MV1B&C motherboards, as before this board existed, you’d have to manually solder over forty wires directly to the the chip.  With this new version, all you need to do is disable the BIOS on the original B or C board, plug this onto the motherboard and add your own UniBIOS.

It’s my opinion that if you own a Neo Geo MVS and play original cartridges, the UniBIOS is a must have and this is by far the easiest way to get it on B & C versions.

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