Rany Battikh

Krikzz N8 & N8 Pro firmware update

It seems like we’re getting weekly firmware updates from Krikzz lately, especially when it comes to his N8/N8 Pro line of rom-carts.

With every new firmware version, additional mappers are being supported, old ones are getting fixed and some features are receiving improvements. Remarkably, established on his research and development work on the powerful Cyclone IV-based N8 Pro, Krikzz is continuously upgrading the regular Cyclone II-based N8.

N8 firmware 1.21 – 1.23 includes:

  • new mapper 111
  • fixes for mapper 99
  • fixes for mapper 1
  • fixed mapper 4 and some other buggs

N8 Pro firmware 2.04 – 2.05 includes:

  • Fixed broken nsf player
  • New mapper 194
  • Save state improvements
  • Fixes for mapper 189
  • Fixed disk error problem related to fds images with extra headers

Even NES/Famicom power users can still enjoy the regular N8, to some extent, since while not being as fully featured as its Pro counterpart, it still delivers an excellent performance overall.

In other news, the MegaEverdrive X7’s latest firmware, which added support for the infamous SVP DSP, seems to be causing some trouble, specifically when trying to run Virtua Racing on some Genesis 2 models and the Mega SG (using the latest official firmware 4.7 or jailbreak firmware 7.7). Krikzz quickly uploaded a modified SVP.RBF file to replace the one included with firmware 3.12, that should permanently fix the issue.

N8 firmware 1.23: http://krikzz.com/pub/support/everdrive-n8/original-series/OS/nesos-v1.23.zip
N8 Pro firmware 2.05: http://krikzz.com/pub/support/everdrive-n8/pro-series/OS/EDN8-V2.05.zip
SVP fix for Genesis 2 and Mega SG: http://krikzz.com/pub/support/var/rc/svp/tst2/SVP.RBF