MiSTer Updates Roundup

This week saw another big round of MiSTer core updates primarily focused on fixing bugs and moving to the new open-source scaler by Grabulosaure. The new scaler uses 10% of the resources of the old scaler, is easy and faster to compile using the free Quartus software (instead of the $5,000/year suite required for the old scaler), supports many more features, and is tailored to reduce lag. It was designed to allow devs to essentially plug it directly into their cores, replacing the code of the old scaler.

MiSTer Main
– vscale_border option in MISTer.ini to set the border for TVs hiding the edges of screen)
– Per-core filter setting
– Manual screen position adjustment for Minimig core

– Fix BRK instruction (Equinox, dialogs in Seiken 3)
– Fix BCD (timers, counters in different games)
– Fix HDMA (Prince of Persia 2, Super Metroid)
– Fix in PPU (Far background in DK Country)
– Fix audio clock (Bad Apple) – Fix OAM write
– Many fixes from srg320
– Fix for games using 512/256 resolutions on the same frame
– Clear RAM (fix hang on loading after some games)
– Switch to open source scaler from Grabulosaure
– Fix HDMI VSync
– Fix NMI after DMA (Wild Guns)

– MMC5, VRC7 audio and many new mappers from Greyrogue
– Switch to open source scaler from Grabulosaure
– Fix HDMI VSync

Minimig (Amiga, Amiga CD32)
– Fix high resolution modes
– Manual screen position adjustment
– Switch to open source scaler from Grabulosaure

– Custom palette from file
– Add full support for MBC5(8mb ROM and 128kb SRAM)
– Video fixes from brNX
– Games saves
– Video decoupling
– Full size ROM support
– Scaler fixes
– Misc fixes

– Use open source scaler
– Fix HDMI VSync
– VDP: tweaks and fixes in double-res mode
– Force new video mode on load/reset
– jt89 from Jotego as PSG to improve sound quality
– Fix distorted audio on SPDIF

Super Game Module Support
– fix the last sprites

Thanks to Sentient6 for the synopsis!