MiSTer Updates Roundup Week of 12/16/2018

In the world of MiSTer there were new cores released this week, core updates, and more.

SmokeMonster MiSTer Pack List v2.0 Released
Release Notes:

New Arcade Core: Joust

New Arcade Core: Stargate (AKA Defender II)

New Arcade Core: Robotron 2084

New Arcade Core: Bubbles

New Arcade Core: Splat

New core coming soon: Odyssey2

SNES Core Update
– Support for DSP-1/2/3/4 special chip games
– Support for CX4 special chip games
– Support for SDD1 special chip games
– Disable load/save backup RAM for RAM-less carts
– Fix SPDIF distorted audio
– Use ROM size from file size instead of header (fixes the patched/homebrew ROMs)
– Some other fixes
You need to update MiSTer to play accelerated games!

MiSTer Main Update
– Fix vsync_adjust option broken in previous release
– Minimig: Move screen adjust option to Audio & Video page
– SNES: support for ROMs with 512b header (interleaved/encrypted ROMs aren’t supported!)
– SNES: update the parser with chip detection

ao486 (486 Home Computer) Core Update
– Switch to open source scaler from Grabulosaure

MiniMig (Amiga & Amiga CD32) Core Update
– Fix blanking
– Fix SPDIF audio
– Fix UART number
– re-release for stability

Atari 2600 Core Update
– Add SuperChip option
– Enable E0/FE/3F mappers through file extension (read the ReadMe!)
– Switch to open source scaler from Grabulosaure

Sega Saturn FPGA Core Github Repository Opened by ElectronAsh

Core Updater Script by Locutus73

Furrtek Neo Geo FPGA Dev Reveal?

MiSTer RGB SCART PCB by ArcadeForge
Kind of pointless, since it’s the exact same as a VGA-to-SCART cable attached to an IO board. It blocks the external pin headers, serial IO, and has no SD card slot…