MiSTer Popeye & Commando Arcade FPGA Cores by Jotego

Jotego released Popeye and Commando arcade FPGA cores to his patrons, for both MiSTer and MiST. Both cores are open-source and will be made publicly available once complete. I debuted them live and found Popeye to be especially impressive. It is a very early application of interlaced graphics, which looks a little strange via HDMI, but remarkable on a real CRT screen. It really captures the spirit of the original cartoon.

When complete, the Popeye core will also support Sky Skipper, an extremely rare Nintendo arcade game that few will have ever played.

Jotego recently made a trip to Japan and picked up several new arcade PCBs, and he now has enough on hand to make a multi Sega System 16 core. Scralings also sent him Double Dragon, an impressive arcade game for 1987 that I played via real hardware in a recent stream.