MiSTer Pack List v3.0 Released – Updater Script Special Edition

I just pushed MiSTer Pack List v3.0 to Github. V3 is a complete redesign based around the new functionality of the Updater Script by Locutus73. I worked with Locutus behind the scenes and he designed the script around the file-layout of the MiSTer Pack List. Basically, it’s so integrated now that you will never have to manage or update official cores ever again. Simply run the Update Script from MiSTer’s GUI and it will fetch the latest Official Cores, Mister Main, Filters, and Palettes, and will populate them in their respective locations. It even works with my complex Arcade Hacks folders.

How to Update from v2.0 to v3.X
1. Back-up your custom files (core configs, saves, etc)
2. Format your old SD card
3. Run MiSTer SD Card Tool
4. Copy compiled pack to SD card
5. Run updater script from MiSTer GUI

Release Notes:

WARNING: Erase your previous pack from the SD card before using v3.0 or you’ll break the updater!

Mister Pack List v3.0 – Updater Script Special Edition
– Removed all official RBFs, you must use the Updater Script to populate and update your cores now. See the updated README! Unofficial cores will still be included (e.g., coeff, NN, etc) until they are depreciated. A huge thank you to Locutus73 who tailored the script specifically for my MiSTer Pack List!
–IMPORTANT: Erase all traces of a previous pack from your SD card before using v3.0 or you will break the updater!!
– README Updated
– Removed Filters – Filters are now populated using the Updater Script
– Added Linux WIFI firmwares to /linux//lib/firmware/ – Thanks SubElement!
– New Core: Astrocade, with a full setup by Rysha!
– New Core: Odyssey2 & Videopac
– Odyssey2 & Videopac File Set added – Thanks Rysha!
– /Scripts/ folder added with Updater Script
– Arcade: All Hacks renamed for proper integration with the Updater Script – Thanks Locutus73!
– Arcade: New core: Stargate (AKA Defender II)
– Arcade: New core: Joust
– Arcade: New core: Bubbles
– Arcade: New core: Splat
– Arcade: New core: Sinistar
– Arcade: New core: Zig Zag
– Arcade: New core: Colony 7
– Arcade: New core: May Day – Thanks indcsion for the pre-compiled ROMs!
– C64 – Complete overhaul of the games folders to eliminate dupes – Thanks RemoWilliams!
– Game Boy – Added GBC BIOS
– Game Boy – Removed Palettes – Now handled by Updater Script
– MacPlus – Added 22 new games – Thanks Paisleyboxers!
– MSX: Updated COMMAND2.COM to fix .ROM quirk
– SNES: Purged non-supported special chip games
– SNES: Added ST010 games
– SNES: Changed boot.rom to Super Mario World (USA)