MiSTer Improvements, Genesis & SMS FPGA Core Updates

The MiSTer FPGA Multi-Console Project’s main core, and Sega Genesis and SMS cores have received several updates recently. Some highlights include: integer & ultra-sharp nearest neighbor scaling, the ability to load scaler coefficient files (for custom video profiles, for example), and improved scanlines. Changelogs.

Cores need to be updated individually to take advantage of the new scaling features. So far Sorgelig and Rysha have added them to: NES, TG16/PCE/SuperGrafx, Genesis & SMS

MiSTer Updates

– Load <core>/coeff.txt to scaler on supported cores.
– ini option for vertical integer scaling.
– Merge SharpMZ support code.

Sega Master System

.SAV support


– PAL mode, JP/US/EU region. (OSD option and F1-F3 keys to choose)
– Support for interlace and double resolution (Sonic 2 split screen)
– Fix the audio frequencies between FM and PSG.
– VDP debug register (Titan Overdrive 2 semi-transparency)
– VDP 128K mode/fast 8bit DMA (Titan Overdrive 2)
– A lot of VDP fixes – many games now look correct.
– Implement sprite cache (Titan Overdrive 2)
– Implement Shadow/Highlight (Vectorman, Titan Overdrive 2, Sonic 2 Night mode)
– Adjust scaler parameters for clearer picture.
– Switch to other 68K CPU (some fixes in Jim Power)
– Some fixes in FM and PSG
– Fixes and tweaks in VDP.
– Other fixes and tweaks.
– VDP: Fix CODE behavior (Lotus Turbo Challenge, Shinobi III)
– VDP: fix sprites endless loop (Adventures of Mighty Max)
– CPU: fix word swapping (Jim Power)
– Implement TAS bug (Gargoyles)
– FM: fix the timers (music in Thunder Force IV, Double Dragon 2, Titan Overdrive 2)
– Auto region according to file extension (read the ReadMe)
– Gamepad has 3 buttons mode by default
– Other fixes and tweaks.
– fix Jim Power graphics
– Use nearest neighbor scaling.
– Update scanline FX to new scaling algo.
– Fix some port unused bits (Turrican)
– VDP: fix window in H40 (Rolling Thunder 2)
– Update unused bits values (NBA Jam)
– Fix scanlines FX
– VDP fixes (Bram Stokers Dracula, Fatal Rewind)
– FM: implement LFO. Increase the volume.
– Support for external coefficients for scaler (update the MiSTer!)


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