MiSTer FPGA Updates – PSX, Neo Geo Pocket, AO486 and More

PlayStation Core

Robert Peip, the Playstation’s core developer, keeps working hard on the core. He’s fixed some bugs to get even more games working. CHD support is also implement and so is cheat support.

Jotego Updates

Core developer Jotego, has given some updates on what he’s currently working on. He’s gotten 80% of the CPU instructions implemented for the Neo Geo Pocket CPU. He also continued work on the Sly Spy schematics and plans to use them, the current RoboCop core and MAME as a basis for a Slu Spy core.

Alpha Mission Core

On twitter, RndMnkIII has shown an FPGA implementation of SNK’s Alpha Mission arcade game. It’s early right now and not yet running on the DE10 Nano, but the plan is to port it to the MiSTer Framework.

MiSTer Game Launcher files

MiSTer now supports a new way of launching games for almost any core. Arcade games have for a long time offered the ability to launch each game directly instead of loading a core and then loading the arcade game.

Now this feature is available to pretty much any core, by way of MiSTer Game Launcher files, or MGL for short. So you can customize your MiSTer setup to show your favorite console games before you even load a core. This works best for cores that do not require extra user interaction to load a game like the console cores. Computer cores will most likely not work well with MGL files.

Camputers Lynx 48/96 Core

A new computer core has been introduced. This core implements the Camputers Lynx 48/96. The Lynx was an 8 bit British home computer, manufactured by Camputers and based on the Z80A CPU. It was released in 1983 and from the quick research I did, the computer seemed to be pretty powerful at the time for its price of 225 pounds.

Windows NT 4 Running in AO486

A dedicated member in the MiSTer FPGA forums has managed to get Windows NT working in AO486. It’s a very involved process, but if you’re willing to do a little work you can try it out for yourself. Full instructions are in the Mister FPGA forum discussion.

Other Miscellaneous MiSTer Updates

And other cores receiving miscellaneous fixes and updates are:

Atari ST, 800 and 5200
Apple II
CoCo 3

For a full list of the fixes and updates check out the below links: