MiSTer FPGA News & Updates – Joust 2, Konami’s Ping Pong and more

New Joust 2 Arcade Core

A new arcade core for Joust 2 – Survival of the Fittest has been released. Originally developed by darfpga on Github and ported to MiSTer by birdybro and JasonA, you can now obtain the core from the official updater.

New Core Mystic Marathon

And we have another new arcade core. This one is for Mystic Marathon and like Joust 2, it was also originally developed by darfpga on Github and ported to MiSTer by birdybro and JasonA. Mystic Marathon is a horizontally scrolling game by Williams Electronics released in 1984. The game has you racing an elf-like creature called a Benkin against other Benkins. The goal is to finish the race in the top three so you can progress to the other race.

Konami’s Pingpong Core

Core developer Jotego has released a new beta core for his Patreon subscribers. This one is for the arcade game Konami’s Ping Pong. As with all of Jotego’s cores, he will release it to the public once the beta phase has been completed.

Playstation Core Cheats

Cheats for the PlayStation core are aviable on To use these cheats you will have to extract them to the /media/fat/cheats/PSX directory.

Custom Composite/Svideo Core Builds

MikeSimone3 on twitter has created some custom builds of cores with native composite & S-video support through the Analog IO board’s VGA port or the HDMI port via direct video. At the moment he doesn’t advise using direct video and is looking for a cleaner option.

Sparcstation Core

A work-in-progress SparcStation core is availabkle for download. The SparcStation were a series of workstations developed by Sun Microsystems. It had its own hardware architecture that ran on Suns custom SPARC CPU’s. 

MiSTer Google Slides PDF Project :: Help Needed

A Google Slide/PDF project is being created to provide tips and helpful commands for cores.

For example, the Commodore 64 document has a diagram that shows you which Commodore 64 key maps to the key on your keyboard, how to list a floppy disk images content,how to load a program and more.

Each core will have a document tailored to it and the system it’s implementing. If you are very well versed on a specific system or core, you can help contribute to this project by requesting access in the MiSTerFPGA forums.

Save File Converter

On last week’s RetroRGB Weekly Roundup video, Bob talked about a save file converter that will convert video game save files between different devices and emulators. This is just a friendly reminder that the converter also supports the MiSTer FPGA.

My Life in Gaming MiSTer FPGA Video

The My Life in Gaming YouTube channel has released a very detailed and informative video primer on the MiSTer FPGA. They go over things like setting up your MiSTer, the input options, demonstrations of different cores and more. It’s a really well made video with the high production value they are known for.

Entex Adventure Vision

There’s been a lot of new cores lately. There is now another new core for the Entex Adventure Vision, developed by Kitrinx on Github. The Adventure Vision was a cartridge-based video game console housed in a portable arcade-like cabinet.

Slug Cross

And another core has been released. It seems to be an original game called Slug Cross. In the game you are a green square slug and you need to make it safely past the red lines to the bottom right corner.