MiSTer FPGA News – The Simpsons, Mortal Kombat, X-MEN & More

Nintendo 64

The RSP in the Nintendo 64 core passed all n64-systemtests, but the instruction decoding setup is missing 2 key features. Robert will postpone its implementation until some games start working.

For more technical details, check out Robert’s Patreon article on the RSP’s power compared to the GBA & Playstation CPU’s.


Juno First

Jimmy Stones is back to developing Juno First arcade core, but it’s rocky. A missing sound and out-of-sync timer circuit need fixing.


OSD Lock mode

Martin Donlon added OSD Locking to MiSTer, a sort-of kiosk mode that disables the OSD unless you enter a password. This is good for locking your MiSTer to one game. Users without the password can’t load other games, but if you pair this with Wizzo’s remote script then you can load games in Kiosk mode.


NFC Reader Support

Gareth Jones, on Twitter, is adding NFC reader support to Wizzo’s suite of MiSTer Extensions. Previous projects required and Arduino and NFC module, but this new development will use a USB NFC Reader you can obtain from Amazon or Ali Express. Downloads and documentation will be available next week.


The Simpsons

The Simpsons core is now running, however sprites do not yet work so you get a lot of weird issus like missing heads, faces and parts of the eye in certain scenes. This also would be a major detriment to gameplay.

Jotego does mention that is should take 2 to 3 days to have sprites ready. He’s shooting to release the core next friday.

Also Jotego’s team has an X-Men PCB and his lab is currently running tests on the PCB.


Mortal Kombat

Atrac17 has been dropping hints on the Mortal Kombat core. We have a post showing Mortal Kombat controls a PCB and the MiSTerFPGA. There’s also another post showing the MRA file for Mortal Kombat in a text editor.

This probably means we will start getting more development updates regarding Mortal Kombat.


Sky Shark

Atrac17 announced that a Sky Shark core might be receiving a beta release sometime in September. Sky shark is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by Toaplan.


Plus Alpha

Darren__O has received a Plus Alpha PCB with an MCU that has no dump. It is now planned to resume work on the rest of the Jaleco Mega System 1 games.