MiSTer FPGA News – Taito System SJ, Neo Geo Pocket, N64 & More

MiSTer Addons Reflex

Now MiSTer Addons is launching a new line of products that ensures the low latency we retrogamers demand. Products include low latency controller boards, adapters, video switchers and more.


KiKi KaiKai

Core developer pierco finished coding the initialization for the Kiki Kaikai MCU ROM. Now the title screen starts showing itself.
It’s glitchy, but that’s still great progress.


NeoGeo Pocket

Jotego fixed several bugs on the work-in-progress NeoGeo pocket core.
Now it can fully go through the opening settings in the core. Let’s hope this means the CPU issues are resolved and a core release is soon.


Juno First & Tutankham

The Juno First core is nearing feature completion. Jimmy Stones is now working on the pause, high score save, analog video flip and other niceties.

Jimmy Stones also remembered that he can try out Tutankham on the core because it runs on similar hardware to Juno First.


MiSTer Remote

wizzo has update his MiSTer Remote script. This latest update is mostly bugfixes and smaller requests.

This is a really awesome script because it gives you the ability to control your MiSTer directly from your phone.


MiSTer FPGA Discord Game Challenge

The next game for the MiSTerFPGA discord game challenge is New Adventure Island for TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine.

It’s a single credit score challenge until June 30th.


Nintendo 64

The N64 core has had some updates that improves the performance of the NICC demo that was shown last week.

Work on the CPU is ongoing and Robert started working on the FPU portion.

If you are subscribed to Roberts patreon you can download the latest build of the core to test out the demo.


Taito System SJ

The Taito System SJ core has been officially released and supports multiple arcade games.

Current games supported are:

Elevator Action
Jungle King
Alpine Ski
Bio Attack
High Way Race
Pirate Pete
Space Cruiser
Space Seeker
Time Tunnel
Water Ski
Wild Western


Update your MiSTer now to download the core.