MiSTer FPGA News – Sega Mega Play, OpenBOR, Irem M92 & More

TR Fight Stick Case

TR Fight Stick is planning on launching its TR Quantum case for the MiSTer FPGA, once their Octopus arcade sticks ship. It will have a touch panel display and the aluminum is CNC’d from a solid block of aerospace grade metal. You can sign up for updates on its Indiegogo page.



Solal Retrogaming’s Toki core has been ported to MiSTex. Right now It only works on Cyclone IV FPGA’s and the next step is to port it to Xillinx FPGA’s.


Discord Game Challenge

The next game in the MiSTerFPGA Discord game challenge is Crazy Comets for the Commodore 64. All scores should be submitted to the MiSTerFPGA Discord Game Challenge channel and the challenge also goes until May 6.


Sega Mega Play

Shane Lynch is working on reverse engineering Sega’s Mega Play arcade hardware. Some goals of the project are to create a flash cart and eventually an FPGA core.

This arcade hardware is based on Sega’s Genesis/Megadrive home consoles.



The Irem M92 core has been updated with a more accurate CPU core, better load times, a turbo option and a squished 224p mode to help fit games on some CRTs.


Update All Issues

Theypsilon posted an update on the the issues that have been going on with update all. The issues have been resolved and he also posted the solution of Zakk maintaining the Arcade ROMs database and Big Dandy maintaining the BIOS database.


New Arcade Cores

Jotego added five new games to the beta JTHOUSE core.

-Blazer, an isometric tank shooter.
-Tank Force, a multi-directional tank shooter.
-Face Off, which is an ice hockey game.
-Pro Tennis World Court.
-Pro Yakyuu World Stadium, a baseball game.



The Sega Saturn core has added initial support for analogue peripherals.

There have also been updates that affected the follwing games.

Battle Garegga
Tokimeki Memorial
NBA JAM Tournament Edition
Sky Target
World Series Baseball 98
Revolution X
Bust-A-Move 2



OpenBOR has been ported to the MiSTerFPGA platform. OpenBOR is royalty free sprite-based side scrolling gaming engine that’s mostly used to create beat em ups, but can be used to create other types of 2D games.

You can download it from the projects GitHub.