MiSTer FPGA News – Saturn, Playstation, MSX1 & More

S-Video & Composite Updates

Mike Simone’s S-Video/Composite cores, are now downloadable through the Update All script. Just enable them in the “Unofficial Cores” section.

Also check out the video here on RetroRGB testing out Mike’s adapters that can be used with the cores. These adapters are not required but will give you a much cleaner setup.


Playstation Core

For the PlayStation core, Robert Peip fixed a soft reset bug. This had the added benefit of solving a color palette bug in Primal Rage.

He also posted a new bug hunt article. In it, he goes through the process of fixing specific bugs in two games. Primal Rage and Castrol Honda Superbike Racing.


Jotego Updates

Out Run’s frame buffer support is still ongoing. A new version of the core is available that’s clocked at 50MHz, but it exhibits even more graphical glitches.

The New Zealand Story core still needs work before release due to a boot hang.

Bubble Bobble core recieved a slowdown fix.


Jet Fighter

Jimmy Stones has created a mockup of the overlay for the Jet Fighter arcade core. The game actually had no clouds, but Atari used a color overlay to simulate the clouds. That color overlay is what JimmyStone mocked up.


New MSX1 Core

There’s a new MSX1 core that has been released. Developed by molekula, the main differences between the previous core and this new one are

-The new one is a dedicated MSX1 core. The previous one is a hybrid MSX1/2 core.
-The new core can load floppy and cart images directly

Update your MiSTer now to obtain the core.


Sega Saturn Update

srg320 has made more changes to the Saturn core. This update doesn’t affect game compatibililty, but it does allow you to use an analogue stick to play games that support analog controls.


Video Filters Highlight

I just want to highlight how awesome MiSTer’s video filters are. While browsing twitter I saw a post, @RetroFonse that can really show this off in case you’re on the fence about using them.

Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

Other cores recieving miscellaneous fixes and updates are:

Pheonix (Arcade)