MiSTer FPGA News – MiSTer Clone, CoCo 2, System 18 & More

New Wallpapers

Ranny Snice released two new wallpapers for the MiSTerFPGA. It is based on the Alien Storm arcade game and Castlevania The New Generation. You can have your MiSTer download it for you if you enable Ranny Snice’s wallpapers in the Update All script settings


DE10 Nano Clone

The packaging for the DE10 Nano alternative as shown and a name was also given, called “MiSTer Pi”. However, a vote seems to suggest that the name will change. Some other info given

-What will be included is still yet to be decided, but the bottom of the box will list what’s included.
-If RAM is purchased with the unit it will be pre-installed.
-Console versions are still in the design stage
-Pricing will be cheaper than the original $99 esitmate.

One thing to be aware of is the 12v PSU that will be included in the box. Current IO & USB boards do not accept 12v and will get damaged if you send 12v to them. The box will include a 5v cable for those boards, but it’s an extra concern users need to be aware of. Hopefully there is a clear warning for users.


MiSTer ADC Test

David Shadoff updated the MiSTerFPGA ADCTest to the latest framework. It can now also handle two channels of data, via stereo, on the display.

The ADCTest core reads digital sample values from the ADC input on the IO board and displays them graphically on-screen in real time.


NeGcon Rumble Clarification

Last week, the PSX core added support for rumble in NegCon mode and some users realized that the NegCon did not support rumble. The update is not a typo as the NegCon protocol was used on some racing wheels and some of those wheels did support rumble.


CoCo 2

Core developer shodge updated the CoCo 2 computer core. They’ve fixed the MiSTer / CoCo2 interface preventing the joysticks ever reaching the max value of 63. Additionally, the DPAD emulation was fixed to reach extremes for all buttoms. This was verified in the Tandy Diagnostics.

Some future todo’s were also listed. They are

1: Get FDC working for dragon
3: Change back to Cycle accurate 09
4: Add Cassette Save
5: Update the Template
6: Add Daily Build Number
7: Create compatible software tested spreadsheet
8: Fix double speed poke in the SAM



BedroomNinja is going to be releasing a new NFC case. This one is based on the Famicom Family Disk System. The first prototype has been shown, but it is looking faithful to the original device.


Marsupial MiSTerFPGA Multisystem

A new company called Marsupial Solutions LLC is releasing its first product, called the M3, or Marsupial MiSTerFPGA Multisystem. It is an all-one-solution MiSTerFPGA console.

Here is the full list of features for the console:
• Marsupial MiSTer Multisystem Console with DE10-Nano (equipped with Copper Heatsink & Realtime Clock w/battery)
• Limited 3D Printed case in console of choice:
–Playstation Grey 30 units
–Neo Geo AES Galaxy Black 30 units
–Genesis/MD Galaxy Black 30 units
–Standard v6 jet black or Galaxy Purple 10 of each type 3D Printing done by @ToddsNerdCave
• 5v Meanwell Power Supply for Marsupial MiSTer Console @retrofightersco Retro Fighters® Defender Wireless Controller
• TapTo NFC Reader (integrated module)
• SNAC User I/O (integrated)
• DualBand WiFI + Bluetooth® USB Adapter
• 128 GB SAMSUNG EVO Select MicroSD Memory Card
• 6ft SCART to SCART Cable from Retro Gaming Cables™
• HD Digital Video Cable
• Mini Wireless Keyboard (w/ USB Adapter)
• USB-A to Micro USB Cable
• Include latest MiSTer software (open-source)*
• Latest TapTo™ Software by @wizzomafizzo


Ikari Warriors

Core developer Javier has updated the Ikari Warriors and Victory Road cores. He’s added support for the GRS Super Joystick from Thunderstick Studio. The joystick features an Ikari Warriors art theme and most importantly features a rotary joystick just like the one used in the arcade game, giving you the authentic control experience.


24bit Analogue IO Testing

Kuro has done some testing with the latest reference I/O board from Sorg. Reference boards now support 24bit video and for RGB it just missed reference quality but still got a good rating from Kuro.

Component video was also tested and they are better than the RGB results as you will get reference quality.


Jotego Updates

Here are the latest update from Jotego’s team.

-Jotego added the baseball game Clutch Hitter to the System 18 core.
-Street Fighter 2 Quicken bootlegs were added to the CPS1 core.
-NVRAM was implemented for the JTS16, JTS16B, JTOUTRUN, JTSHANON and JTS18 cores. The use of NVRAM varied for each arcade hardware, some would save highscores, other would save operator settings, so do not do anything with it.
-Work on NGP color continues. The system boots with the color firmware but it is not ready for a beta update yet.