MiSTer FPGA News – Mac II core, PCXT, New Arcade Cores & More

SD Card Migration Utility

There is a new utility for SD Cards developed by Natrox on the MiSTerFPGA forums. This utility will allow you to migrate a current SD Card to another one. It even works with an SD card that’s a smaller size.



Prototype PCB’s of the Saru version of the JAMMA HIMITSU board have been posted. The JAMMA HIMITSU is an IO board for MiSTer. The Saru version is a simplified and lower cost board with no direct video, no USB hub and no video amplifier. The designs will be open sourced on Github.


Crystle Castles (Arcade)

A core for the arcade game Crystal Castles is available for download from Github. It was developed by Enceladus from the MiSTer FPGA forums. Looks like you have to download it manually for now, but scripts like the Insert Coin script might download it for you.


Express Raider

pierco’s arcade core for Express Raider is now available for download. Update your MiSTer to obtain it.


Out Run Improvements

Jotego is giving priority to the Out Run core because many users are experiencing stability issues. The powerful sprite hardware is challenging for FPGA hardware and the solution seems to be to implement a frame buffer for the sprites, like the original board did.


Another Mac Core

There is a Mac II core for MiSTer that is a port of Basilisk II, a software Mac emulator. The Mac II was a computer released about a year after the Mac Plus (which MiSTer officially implements). This core must be installed manually and instructions can be found on GitHub.


MiSTerCade Admin Button

MiSTer Addons released an admin button breakout board for MiSTercade. It provides an easy way to connect dedicated OSD/Menu, Pause, Core Reset, and System Reset buttons. Check out the article here on RetroRGB to get more info.



No more using test cores to get IDE hard drive support and the new Tandy graphics modes. The necessary changes to the main MiSTer software and a core update can now be downloaded officially and give you these features.

In addition to these features there is now a cycle accurate mode for the 4.77 MHz CPU along with other CPU speeds.


Playstation Core

Robert has found and fixed the reasons why some games only started up randomly on the PSX core. This was thanks to his video timing tests. Some games affected are:

Internal Section
Next Tetris
Team Buddies
Arcade Fun

Also, some fixes have been made for the Justifier gun. Accuracy and offscreen reloading are ok now.


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Joust 2
MiSTer Main