MiSTer FPGA News – Caveman Ninja, Raiden DX, NARC, N64 & More

Data East Arcade Games

atrac17 announced the next core being worked on with Darren_O is Robocop 2. Other games that can come out of this core are:

Caveman Ninja
Death Brade
Crude Buster
Vapor Trail
Dark Seal
Edward Randy


Alternate Game & Watch Core

Adam Gastineau is developing a new Game & Watch core with more features and documentation. It’s expected to support multiple CPU types and Adam also mentioned the possibility of supporting Tiger Electronics handhelds.


Midway Z Unit Core

atrac17 posted an update on Pr4m0d’s Williams Z-Unit arcade core running NARC. It’s mentioned that the core is very close and Pr4m0d is starting to debug the rom check failure.


NES Zelda Port to SNES

Developer infidelity ported NES Zelda to the SNES but MiSTer owners were experiencing issues with the port. The issues seem to be resolved now and you can obtain the update on infidelity’s discord server.



atrac17 posted about obtaining a PCB with an NEC V33 CPU. Darren__O will be using the CPU to verify against his implementation for thier Raiden DX project.


Neo Geo Pocket

On Patreon Jotego mentioned that almost all the monochrome Neo Geo Pocket systems are implemented now. Only things missing now are the horizontal blank interrupt and the DMA logic.

Jotego has more details regarding the core on Patreon and also details about releasing the Analogue Pocket System 16B core.


MiSTerFPGA Remote

A big update to wizzo’s MiSTerFPGA remote script was recently pushed. It now has MiSTer.ini editing support. This script now allows you to load up a browser on your phone or computer and change settings.

Check out all the details on the MiSTerFPGA forum post.


Nintendo 64

For the WIP N64 core, 3 very simple Floating Point operations have passed tests. Robert, the developer also mentions that all transfer operations between CPU and FPU are also implemented.

He’s now laid the groundwork to ease the work for the more difficult parts.