MiSTer ColecoVision Core Gets Super Game Module Support

The Super Game Module is a hardware add-on for the ColecoVision that extends its capabilities significantly, doubling its RAM to 32kb and doubling its sound channels to eight. The SGM is a $100 add-on but sells out quickly every time it goes for sale, which pushes market prices to around $300. Super Game Module Games List

The MiSTer ColecoVision core was just updated to support SGM ROMs, allowing Coleco fans to try them without breaking the bank. YM2149 support and scaler coefficient file loading was also added.

– Updates from MiST version: Megacart, YM2149
– Requires SDRAM board now
– Support for scaler coefficients

MiSTer Colecovision Core:

—Thanks to Sentient6 for the help with this article