Rany Battikh

MEGAPi Case by RetroFlag

The MegaPi, a Raspberry Pi case designed after the legendary Genesis/Mega Drive model 1, has been out for almost a month now and it retails for 25$.

RetroFlag, the company behind the MegaPi, previously released NES and SNES/Super Famicom cases for the Pi as well as matching USB controllers.

Other than its sleek exterior look, the MegaPi contains a custom board that holds 2 USB ports (mimicking the original ports placement), functional power and reset buttons (they included the script on their website so the user can add it to the Pi at will) and an LED power indicator.

RetroFlag also released the “Classic USB Controller M”, a 6-button Genesis 2 inspired controller, to go along with the MegaPi. (A 3-button model 1 controller would have been awesome, but that’s just me.)

I only wish those neatly designed Pi cases would fit some of the SCART solutions though.

More details about the MegaPi: http://retroflag.com/MEGAPi-CASE-M.html