Lagless VSYNC “Beam Racing API” RetroArch Bounty

There’s a new bounty (currently over $1000) for the implementation of an emulation technique into RetroArch.  Here’s a quote from the page:

It is achieved via synchronizing the emulator’s raster to the real world’s raster. It is successfully implemented in some emulators, and uses less processing power than RunAhead, and is more forgiving than expected thanks to a “jitter margin” technique that has been invented by a group of us (myself and a few emulator authors).

For lurkers/readers: Don’t know what a “raster” or “beam racing” is? Read WIRED Magazine’s Racing the beam article. Many 8-bit and 16-bit computers, consoles and arcade machines utilized similar techniques for many tricks, and emulators typically implement them


This really is an exciting time for software emulation fans!  While I almost always prefer to use original hardware, there are many cases where software emulation is a much more feasible and (in some ways) elegant solution;  The main thing that comes to mind is arcade board emulation, but also rendering of older consoles in HD resolutions.  I’ll keep everyone updates as to the progress and thanks to Vitor for passing this along!


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