JVC D Series CRT – Red Color Correction

The JVC D Series CRTs are some of the best analogue displays available.  They are known for their high-resolution tubes which produce a robust image with deep color and sharp scanlines.  There has always been an issue with many JVC Consumer CRTs.  The TV will push the RED color on the electron gun more than the other colors.  Thankfully this can be fixed in the service menu.  To pull up the service menu on your JVC D Series TV, you will need a remote with these buttons:  “Sleep Timer”, “Video Status”, and “Display”.  The attached video shows how to enter the service menu at the 11:08 mark.  Most of the time, changing the NTSC MAT setting down to 0 (Zero) will correct this red push.

Once you are in the service menu, you can make the changes needed to correct the red for the video inputs.  You can also change the deflection settings from this menu to improve screen geometry and aspect ratio.  There is an article with details on correcting red on other inputs and other models of the JVC D Series TV.  That can be found here:   JVC TV’s : Correcting Red Push

  • If you have a different JVC Consumer CRT, please refer to the Service Manual for your exact model.
  • Testing Software for checking CRT displays: 240p Test Suite


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