Journey to Silius & Uforia Vinyl Soundtrack Pre-Order

Ship to Shore has launched pre-order for Journey to Silius & Uforia: The Saga soundtracks composed by Naoki Kodaka from NES on a vinyl record featuring artwork by Drew Wise. It’s priced at $25.00 in US, $35.00 CAD in CA and €28,00 in EU. Scheduled release is Q3 2023.

(US) Ship to Shore:
(US) Light in the Attic:
(EU) Black Screen Records:
(CA) Very Ok Vinyl:

This record is release as a single LP, with the soundtrack for Journey to Silius being on side A while the soundtrack for Uforia: The Saga being on side B. Each side of the jacket features artwork for one of the games. Same goes for the insert, where each side has artwork and tracklisting to one of the games. This release is available split black and white limited edition.

Journey to Silius includes 2 unused jingles from the game files, while Uforia includes 2 bonus track, first from the title screen you can hear only after first time booting the game and second track from the game over section found in the US prototype version.