Jaguar GameDrive Pre-Orders Open

Stone Age Gamer has just opened pre-orders on the Atari Jaguar ROM cart from RetroHQ called the GameDrive.  The price is $180 plus shipping and should ship around late March:

Jaguar GameDrive:
MicroSD Cards:

UPDATE:  Retro Gamer Stuff also has pre-orders open!:

I previously reviewed the GameDrive back when it was called by its original name and it performed really well.  After a marketing issue with the name, James from RetroHQ decided to take a step back and approach the sales a different way.  There were quite a few delays that happened during this process (mostly a result of everything going on in the world), but now it’s back for sale through Stone Age Gamer!

James has also teased support for Jaguar CD games via a firmware update.  There’s no timeline on when that will launch, but it will be a free update for all GameDrives, including the originals sold under the previous name.  As always, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how thankful we should be when incredibly time-consuming updates are provided, even long after a product has launched.

If you’d like to see the JagCD support in action, check out ctrl alt rees’ video below!  I’ll also soon have a livestream that shows some of these rare and notorious games in action!

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