Interview with Open Source CRT Chassis Creator

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Thomas Daede, the creator of an open-source CRT chassis.  This project aims to replace the current aging circuitry that drives CRT TV’s and arcade machines, with more modern components that allow for more control and flexibility.  While the project isn’t ready for public testing, Thomas has made some pretty incredible progress so far and this has potential to completely breath new life into older CRT’s.  If you’re a CRT-expert and have experience in high-voltage electronics design, please check out the Github link and see if you can contribute:

Follow Thomas:

This interview is available is a video (above), as well as audio-only on iTunesGoogle, Spotify and many others, as well as direct-download.  Also, check out the video below for a demo of it currently working:

Thomas also mentioned some of the resources he used to get started and I wanted to share them here:

CRT Tube:

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