Interview With Arturo aka Sabin

Here’s a “swapcast” with friend, tournament organizer and pro gamer Arturo, aka Sabin.  We streamed this live on Art’s Twitch channel and I’m also featuring it here, as we think both of our audiences would enjoy us nerding out over lag, capture and just other fun randomness.  There were some connection issues, but I think I did a decent enough job stitching it together here, so it’s barely noticeable.  Check it out as a video on either of our channels and as an audio-only podcast, wherever you listen:  Just search your favorite app for “retrorgb sabin”:


…and if you want a blast from the past, here’s the original interview with Art from five years ago, back in 2017!  This was back when I used to put interviews at the end of the weekly podcasts (not sure why I ever thought that was a good idea), but if the embedded link doesn’t take you there, just jump to 21:46:

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