Interview: Modern Vintage Gamer

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dimitris aka Modern Vintage Gamer to talk about his channel, the origins of his console modding and whatever else was on our minds at the time.  He’s a natural on the mic, so the conversation felt pretty smooth the whole time…even when I got a bit off-topic, as I often do ;p

An audio-only version of this is available on MVG’s “Modern Vintage Podcast”:

Here’s where to follow MVG, as well as links to the videos we spoke about towards the end of the podcast:

MVG Patreon:

‘Hidden Gem’ MVG Videos:

The Story of Kodi:
Xbox 360 PartnerNet GameLeaks:
Mega Sg Review:

‘Classic’ MVG Videos:

N64 Anti Piracy:
StarForce DRM:
How Graphics Worked On The Game Boy:
How Graphics Worked On The GBA:
A Look at the PSVita in 2020:
Xbox 360 Modding:
PS3 Modding:
Wii U Modding:

Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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