Vanessa (Vanessaira)


9/9/99! A date which will live forever in the hearts of many gamers here in the West.  Saw the North American launch of the beloved Sega Dreamcast.  A system which heralded the 128-bit generation and ultimately laid the foundation for the modern console gaming experience we enjoy today.  Like many Sega products the Dreamcast was ahead of its time.  Which brought to gamers their first true experience with; superb arcade accurate ports, online multiplayer game play and even a web browser, cutting edge graphical and visual quality (circa 1999), peripheral support like microphones, mouse and keyboards, easy to program games and ports making for a superb library of games, and all this for an affordable price.  It truly was a marvel to behold and with so much potential that could have been for this hardware platform.  Plans and ideas were in prototype or worked on like an MP3 player VMU that was well before the time of the iPod, DVD added drive support, top box TV programming with integrated Dreamcast game support and more.

Though many have discussed the downfall of the Sega hardware business, this author will however keep Dreaming!  The Dreamcast today enjoys a healthy life with continued homebrew development and 3rd party online hosting and support.  Wonderful hardware and superb video solutions are now available as well as other projects that are in developed.  That continue to bring even more life and enjoyment out of this amazing console.



Go out there and enjoy some Dreamcast!  It’s one of my favorite consoles of all time.  Here are some great links and also a BIG thank you to Modern Vintage Gamer and Classic Gaming Quarterly!






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