Ray Commend

“Hacking” the PS1 Classic may be as easy as plugging in a USB Keyboard

It looks like the PS1 Classic may be even easier to “hack” than its Nintendo peers.  By plugging in certain USB Keyboards and pressing the “ESC” key, some people have had luck getting into the settings menu for the PCSX emulator.  Some of the retro purists out there may get excited that the emulator has a scanlines option while those who love to tinker will most likely love the wealth of settings to mess with. There is also a tantalizing “Change CD image” option.  As always, the disclaimer is that if you have the right keyboard, do this at your own risk.  

The exact model keyboards that work with this hack are yet to be confirmed, but the following two supposedly work:

  • Corsair K70
  • Corsair K95

Also, hackers have already accessed the device and a jailbreak is sure to follow in the coming weeks:  http://wololo.net/2018/12/06/the-playstation-classic-has-been-hacked-3-mere-days-after-its-release-and-of-course-it-runs-doom/