GameCube Serial Port SD Adapter & Swiss Updates

Extrems and Emukidid of the Swiss team has just released a few giant updates!  One of the biggest is support for micro SD cards via an adapter designed by citrus3000psi that plugs into the bottom Serial Port 2 (on GC’s that offer the port).  It requires a small, open source PCB that offers the same compatibility and speed as using the front port!

The main benefit is that it leaves the 2 front slots free for a memory card and any other peripherals you might require in games.  Personally, I’d use it for games and use the front SD card for Action Replay booting; AR boot discs only support SD cards up to 2GB, however an easy work around is to boot into Swiss with a 2GB card, then swap it for a larger card filled with games and homebrew, then refresh Swiss.  With this second reader, you can just boot to the 2GB card, then navigate to the second card after Swiss boots.  This makes it really easy to run homebrew from an unmodded GameCube!

SD2SP2 boards will soon be available from Dan’s shop:
The design files and BOM are available here:

This update also allows for better game performance via  SD card, which at this point pretty much makes ODE’s pointless:  Swiss + an SD card can be used on unmodified consoles and is a plug-and-play solution!

Check out the long list of other updates that the team has added to Swiss below and the latest version can be downloaded here:


  • Add network settings page (WIP)
  • Tidy up setting display
  • Tidy up config handling
  • Fix free space reporting on multi-slot devices
  • Display Serial Port 2 device on the info screen
  • Serial Port 2 preliminary SD support
  • Fix mistakes in settings text
  • Move “Alternate Read Patches” setting to be a per game (and default) level setting
  • Enable “Alternate Read Patches” setting by default
  • Fix empty memory card crash, fix blocks label
  • Fix issue #217 (graphical issues with banners when navigating devices)
  • Fixed 2 disc detection (disable “Use Alternate Read Patches” for 2-disc when swapping is required)
  • Fixed GameID display issues on certain titles on the info box


  • Add PAL 50Hz workaround for AVE N-DOL.
  • Add 2-disc support for block devices.
  • Always treat games as potentially reloading with read patches.
  • Rewrite IGR.
  • Optimize hardware registers access.
  • Prevent DVD reset.
  • Cheat to save some space.
  • Fix all EXI conflicts.
  • Finish(?) tedious work.
  • Install own EXI interrupt handler.
  • Clean up and space optimization.
  • Fix patching 2004 apploaders.
  • Full DI interrupt emulation.
  • Continue tedious work.
  • Fix IDE-EXI after f87dedc.
  • Always treat games as potentially reloading for SD Gecko.
  • Fix some multi-DOL issues.
  • Stop multiple block read on hot reset without IGR.
  • Hook __OSDoHotReset for IGR.
  • Stop multiple block read on hot reset.
  • Partial DI interrupt emulation.
  • Update FatFs to R0.13c-p5.
  • Fix patches on Serial Port 2 for other devices.
  • Fix patches on byte addressing SD for other devices.
  • Some additional work on DI emulation.
  • Break ground on DI emulation.
  • Fix patches on Serial Port 2.
  • Reverse patch device order.
  • Use DVD queue to manage breakpoint.
  • Add remainder of ECID.
  • Add force DTV status
  • Fix 540p and 1080i video timings.

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