GameCube 101 Digital Port Mods at CastleMania

It looks like CastleMania Games is now taking pre-orders on the citrus3000psi-designed kit that allows you to install a digital output port, in place of the analog port on your model 101 GameCube:

This kit will require you to remove the analog output “SNES style” jack and mount this copy of the digital-out port in its place.  If analog audio and composite video are needed, you’ll also have to drill a hole for a 3.5mm jack, however if you’re using something like a Carby HDMI, it’s not necessary to make any cuts to your console.

This mod is a great choice for someone who has a GameCube without the digital port, but wants the versatility of a plug&play digital solution.  Please see the original post for more details:

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