DocBrowns Orders Opening Saturday 05/14/2022

Lucky owners of a FM Towns Marty, especially those of you Marty owners with a faulty optical drive, there is cause for excitement! Deunan just posted on his blog that he will be taking orders for the DocBrown, an FM-Towns Marty Optical Drive Emulator, this Saturday May 14th, at 20:00 CEST.

Love it or hate it, Deunan is very strict in the ordering policies for all of his products, but he is arguably the most strict when it comes to ordering a DocBrown: Deunan actually requires proof of ownership of an FM-Towns Marty console before processing the order. This policy is of particular note on this round of orders as Deunan states in the post that his “email provider is again being blocked….[but at] least this time [he] got notified of the block, and the offenders are and Keep that in mind if you use those because [he] asks for Marty serial numbers and if [he’s] blocked you will not be able to see and answer [his] request.”

The DocBrown is a fantastic replacement for the famously unreliable optical drive found in the Marty, so bear this information in mind and be sure to follow all of his instructions exactly to the letter if you would like to get your hands on a DocBrown.

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