Rany Battikh

DMG Consolizer by Gamebox Systems

Gamebox Systems just announced a new standalone, VGA-outputting kit for the original Gameboy named DMG Consolizer.

Using the newly designed DMTV board by Postman, the DMG Consolizer offers 800×600 VGA output (through a D-sub 15 connector), Prosound (ideally used with LSDJ) and support for NES controllers (the NES port has to be provided by the user as it won’t be included in the kit).

Swapable color palette, an option that I’m highly fund of when it comes to any GB mod/upgrade, is also present here.

As far as installation goes, things are kept on the easy side here. First remove the main GB board from a unit with a preferably broken/defective screen, then plug the included cable into both the original LCD connector and the DMTV PCB. Now fit both boards into the case and you’re done. To benefit from the Prosound feature, a bit (2 wires) of soldering is required .

Overall, this seems like a pretty clean solution for the original Gameboy. The 3d-printed case design looks neat as well. I’m only concerned about the VGA output method in general. Since the original DMG refresh rate is set at 59.7 Hz, will the 60 Hz 800×600 output cause any problems like screen-tearing? Woozle, for example, had to slightly overclock the GBA for perfect results on the GBA Consolizer, I’m curious as to how Gamebox Systems handled this particular issue.

Priced at 100$ for the full assembled case (and 77$ for the DMTV PCB + Cable only) the DMG Consolizer can now be pre-ordered through Gamebox Systems store, for an early 2020 release/delivery.

For more information about the DMG Consolizer: https://www.gamebox.systems/products/dmg-consolizer-gameboy-classic-mini-console?variant=31739765751896