CPSHDMI Kits Now Available

Video Game Perfection now has stock of Markus’ CPSHDMI kit!  No more waiting list, just get em while they’re in for around $100!:

For anyone who hasn’t been following:  The CPSHDMI kits are a digital-to-digital solution for the Capcom Play System arcade units.  They were originally designed for the CPS2’s, but Markus has been working to test installations in CPS3 and most recently CPS1 consoles!

Overall, this is by far the best current solution for anyone who needs digital output from a CPS system!  Check out an installation overview above from Undammed to see what it takes to install it and if it’s a bit too much, check with a local modder for installation costs.

CPS2/CPS3 Digital AV Interface DIY Kit

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