Rany Battikh

Collectorvision Phoenix – An FPGA based Colecovision

Collectorvision recently launched a “Kickstarter” campaign to crowdfund their up and coming FPGA-based system named “Phoenix”.

The “Phoenix”, which is a Colecovision cartridge-based FPGA console, will presumably have 100% compatibility with the original console’s library (as well as multi-carts), HDMI-only video and audio output, db9 controller ports (for original controllers) and SNES controller ports!

The system is also equipped with a PS/2 keyboard input, which I’m guessing will be useful if/when Collectorvision will expand the “Phoenix” ‘s compatibility to support the Adam computer. (There were 2 models released of the Adam computer: a stand-alone home computer and an add-on that turns the Colecovision into a fully-fledged computer)

The base model will set you back 200$ (similar to the Super NT’s price tag) and will include the system itself, no controllers, and a cartridge of Collectorvision’s own Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death.

Collectorvision will allegedly design and release a new controller for the system after the initial launch.

If everything goes according to plan, the “Phoenix” should turn out to be a fantastic little system that will solve a lot of problems that retro gamers are facing with the aging Colecovision. I only wish it had RGB output.

Check out Collectorvision’s kickstarter campaign page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1408938247/collectorvision-phoenix-an-fpga-colecovision-conso/description