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CMVS Ultra by Behar Bros up for Pre-order

The Behar Bros have recently opened pre-order for their much anticipated Consolized-MVS Ultra. They’ve been releasing quite a few Neo-Geo related products for the past couple of years, including the VGA16, RGB16, Shogun and the MVS I/O board, so that anyone can mix and match those different peripherals to consolize an MVS board.

Alternatively, with the CMVS Ultra, the Behar Bros are offering a fully assembled kit, that incorporates all of the previously mentioned custom boards, a fully refurbished (and serviced) MV1-C motherboard and a slew of add-ons including a NeoBiosMasta (with the latest Unibios version), a battery socket (that holds CR2032 batteries) and RCA jacks for stereo audio output. Everything is neatly enclosed in a custom metal case.

In the video department, the CMVS Ultra is a dual outputting console that features 240p RGB through Scart (using the RGB16 board) and 480p VGA/YPbPr through D-sub 15 (using the custom line-doubler VGA16 board). Both Scanlines and pixel blending can be toggled through dip-switches located on the system’s back panel.

The Behar Bros did post a video on their Youtube channel demonstrating the simultaneous video output capabilities of their console:

Here’s what’s included in the fully assembled kit:

  • Based on the Original Neo Geo MV1-C mainboard, cleaned and modded
  • Custom designed full metal enclosure
  • Custom Jamma I/O board simplifies the cabling inside
  • Custom impedance matching RGBS Scart video output board with renown THS7374 chip
  • Custom FPGA based VGA16 Scandoubler board for 480p VGA/YPbPr(Component) output with scanlines and pixel blending options that can be selected with dipswitches
  • Gold RCA jacks for Stereo audio output
  • Replaceable battery (CR2032)
  • Latest Unibios with NeoBiosMasta is included, for upgrading easily
  • 2x Neo Geo Controller ports
  • Aluminum Hi-Fi feet
  • Magnetic cartridge slot cover made from plexiglass
  • High quality 110/220V AC adapter, 5V 3A
  • High quality 1 meter Sony Scart cable
  • OSSC safe

The price for the CMVS Ultra is set at 460$. It’s definitely on the expensive side, but it’s a fully featured and premium product. In my opinion, this is targeted to users who are looking for a be-all-end-all (and aesthetically pleasing) MVS solution for their RGB setups, and don’t want to tinker with different custom PCBs and/or dabble into soldering.

The CMVS Ultra is expected to ship in October.

Pre-order the CMVS Ultra here: https://www.beharbros.com/product-page/neo-geo-cmvs-ultra


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