Rany Battikh

C64 Video Enhancement update and ordering info

Announced months ago, the C64 Video Enhancement is a YPbPr (aka component video) and RGsB (aka sync on green) solution for the Commodore 64 designed by c0pperdragon.

Originally, due to the limitation of the on-board VIC-II chip, the C64 could output RF through RCA, Composite and out-of-spec S-video through an 8-pin Din connector. Now with c0pperdragon‘s FPGA based board the legendary 8-bit computer will be able to display pristine 240p/288p and even line doubled 480p/576p pictures.

Here are some of the C64 Video Enhancement board features that are listed on videogameperfection.com, who is also working hand in hand with c0pperdragon to produce and release the product:

  • Clean, high quality 240p/288p output
  • Linedoubled 480p/576p output with optional scanlines
  • Original, unmodified C64 video output is still available by standard AV out
  • Bypasses the C64s original S-video encoder for improved S-video quality
  • Compatible with LumaFIX 64, DualSID etc (LumaFix does not affect component/RGsB output)
  • User selectable/editable colour pallettes
  • Fully compatible with RetroTINK and OSSC
  • Supports PAL and NTSC C64s
  • Firmware updatable

Priced at under 100 Euros, the only way to acquire a C64 component/RGsB kit at the moment is by filling a form over at videogameperfection.com. Orders will be carried in a waiting-list fashion and installation will be handled by BetaGamma Computing in Greece for 51.5 Euros per unit.

Fill in the pre-order form here: https://www.videogameperfection.com/register-interest-enhancement/

Check out Vanessa’s detailed article about the C64 Video Enhancement board here: https://www.retrorgb.com/component-video-enhancement-for-commodore-64.html