Beware Of Fake GCLoaders!

A failed attempt to clone the GCLoader has resulted in someone trying to sell off fake units they’re calling the “GCLoader Lite” that DO NOT WORK.  Normally I wouldn’t post a link to something like this in fear of accidentally promoting clones, but I wanted to make sure even people with questionable morals who’d support something like this don’t get burned either.  Plus…it’s kinda hilarious.  Check out the full explanation below for details.

Link to the real GCLoader, currently in stock:


Here’s the rundown:  Someone cloned the GCLoader, but couldn’t really get it working.  It seems they were able to get it to boot Swiss, but you need an SD memory card reader or SD2SP2 to actually boot games.  To be clear:  You can accomplish this exact same thing with an Action Replay disc and an SD reader alone – You do not need any extra hardware for this and there’s no need to open your GameCube at all!  This is 100% a scam!!  They must have made their hardware clones before their software was finished and now are trying to dump the broken stock to recoup costs.

What’s even more frustrating is they also cloned the gc-loader’s Europe official distribution website, to make the scam see more legitimate:  Their installation guide matches what you’d expect from a real GCLoader, but the user guide gives away their scam: They list an SD2SP2 or MicroSD Gecko as being required to launch games, where the real GCLoader only “requires” those devices to save Swiss settings…but they’re not needed at all!

So, as always, don’t support clones.  Doing so is literally stealing from the developers who make these amazing devices a reality.  And if you do support clones, this is what you should expect:  A broken device that you threw your money away on.  To protect yourself, only purchase from official resellers, or used from people just selling their personal one.

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