32x Doom ‘Resurrection’ 3.0 lands with MIP mapping and Sega CD PCM speed boost support

Victor Luchitz has just published 32x Doom ‘Resurrection’ v3.0.  I imagine some may have thought the game couldn’t improve anymore at this point and they’d be very much in the wrong!:  https://twitter.com/vluchitz/status/1693004325595775146 I won’t cover every single new change in this post, but I will cover the biggest Sega 32x boundary pushers! First up we have […]

Chilly Willy’s Sega CD Homebrew collection: 512 Color Image Viewer, Mod Player and 512 Color Ray Cast Engine

My latest video takes a step back from modern dev in Sega homebrew and instead looks at some old skool projects from over a decade ago that have unfortunately been all but forgotten. The video covers the Genesis’s (much spoken about at the time) 512 color Fantom Bitmap mode engineered by Oerg866 (Overdrive / Overdrive 2) and […]