Anbernic’s Next-Gen Emulation Handheld! The RG552

Anbernic just released their latest emulation handheld to the public which finally ditches the antiquated RK3326 SoC in favor of the more powerful RK3399.  It also features a beautiful 5.3 inch IPS LCD as well as Android support in addition to Linux!

Purchase here:  https://ebay.us/ZJM5jT

While there is a lot to like about Anbernic’s new offering, I have to say that it felt a bit rushed.  That doesn’t mean it’s a bad handheld, but I think with time and some software updates, it will get better.  Additionally, it is quite pricey at roughly $240 as of the writing of this post.  Hopefully Anbernic can improve the Linux side of the console and perhaps bring down the price a bit to make is more competitive in the emulation handheld space.

Check out my video review of the RG552 above for more details on emulation performance and more.



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