Rany Battikh

Analogue announces the Nt Mini v2

Due to popular demand, Analogue is bringing back, for one final run, its very first FPGA-based system, the NT-Mini.

The new revision of the Nt-Mini, simply dubbed Noir features, according to Analogue: a perfected NES cartridge slot. New UI, branding & packaging. A new 8BitDo 2.4g controller included in the box. Gold plated I/O’s. Transparent controller ports. Gun metal.

The original Nt-Mini, released back in 2017, was sold in limited quantities for almost a year before Analogue discontinued it and moved on to other projects. Nevertheless, it was met with huge praise by the community, especially after the public release of the jailbreak firmware that turns the already excellent stock NES/Famicom modern solution into a multiple-core console including systems like: Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy, Colecovision, Atari 2600, Atari 7800 among others. (Check out the Nt-Mini section on our website for more info)

The Nt-Mini v2 retains the same hardware options as the original model and will output in 240p through RGBs, Component, Composite and S-video (Analogue’s DAC is useless in this case) and up to 1080p through HDMI. The 500$ price point also makes a return here.

I was hoping for a budget-friendly edition of the NT-Mini that could close the price gap between the original model and Analogue’s Super-NT and Mega-SG, but for those who didn’t get the chance to grab a system during the original run a few years back, and probably don’t want to mess with the ever-growing MiSTer, now is the time to pre-order the elusive NT-Mini.

PRE-ORDER here and get your unit delivered in July 2020: https://www.analogue.co/editions/nt-mini-noir/

On a side note, the new 8BitDo 2.4 GHz controller (the exact same model as the NES Classic Edition controller) mentioned earlier, which can be also used in conjunction with original hardware, can be purchased separately through Amazon:  https://www.retrorgb.com/8bitdo-n30-2-4g-wireless-controller.html