Rany Battikh

8BitDo 2.4 GHz SNES controllers

Renowned console peripherals designers 8BitDo have just opened pre-orders for their new SN30 2.4 GHz wireless controller for the SNES/Super Famicom.

To coincide with the release of Analogue’s Super-NT back in early 2018, 8BitDo released matching Bluetooth controllers that interfaced with the Super Nintendo’s 7-pin port through their very own dongle called the Retro Receiver. The latter allowed modern controllers to be synced and played on the Super-NT as well as original hardware.

But SNES power users, have been on the lookout for a decent proprietary 2.4 GHz solution that would eliminate any perceivable lag introduced by Bluetooth connections, as demonstrated by Todd Gill and Enforcer in their extensive testing/comparison of wireless controllers here: http://bit.ly/3affUz3

If the new SN30 performs similarly to the 2.4 GHz M30 mentioned in the article above, then we finally got an extremely low-lag wireless solution on our hands for the SNES. Professional speed-runners might want to stick to using wired controllers for perfect accuracy.

As for the controller itself, it remains cosmetically and functionality-wise identical to its Bluetooth counterpart. There are 2 different layouts that are currently available for per-order through Amazon:

Price is set at 25$ per controller and orders will ship on June 10.