Dan Mons

Amiga 500 HDMI out using Raspberry Pi and RGBtoHDMI

Many thanks to Hackaday’s recent article for bringing this to my attention:

Amiga Now Includes HDMI By Way of a Raspberry Pi Daughterboard

Back in June 2020, Bob reported on the RGBtoHDMI project that initially aimed to extract the 3-bit (8 colours) RGB output of the BBC Micro computer and convert it into pixel-perfect digital video via custom firmware running on a Raspberry Pi:

Use a Raspberry Pi to Scale Old Computers???

Since then, the project has been extended to support 6-bit (64 colours), and 12-bit (4096 colours).  In addition, a new open source daughter board has been created by GitHub user c0pperdragon that allows easy, direct-plug access to the Amiga 500’s Denise chip.

Details on the original RGBtoHDMI project are on the project’s GitHub Wiki:


And likewise details of the Amiga 500 specific board and tools on its own GitHub page:


Great to see this project extending past its original design to include more hardware!