Add a VGA input to your Loewe 100Hz CRT

Anyone who’s been lucky enough to see (or own) a Loewe CRT over the years can vouch for the quality.  Unfortunately, some later “hi res” models didn’t offer a VGA input natively, leaving only standard 15KHz inputs like composite video.  That means you’d have a CRT that deinterlaced whatever signal you send it, but no way to send it’s native refresh rate.  This results in much of the same issues we have with flat-panel TV’s:  240p is “deinterlaced”, causing lag and hurting the image.  Now, thanks to developer Ludo, you can add that VGA input to Loewe TV’s with Q24 and Q25 chassis, to get native 480p and to use a scaler to make all your classic 15KHz consoles look great!  Check out the video above for more details and more info below:

Purchase the Loewe 100Hz VGA Card:

So, this is obviously a niche product, but one that every Loewe Xelos owner with a compatible chassis should absolutely jump on.  As someone who owned both an Aconda and Articos back in the 2000’s, I can say that it was totally worth working around the shortcomings of the TV.  If you have one of these, being able to connect consoles like the Dreamcast, Wii, GameCube…or heck, even any modern console that can output 480p is worth it.  You can also use any of the RetroTINK products or OSSC to get your 15KHz consoles working on it as well!  Check out the video below for more details:

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