A New Internal HDMI Mod for the Nintendo 64 | GameBox 64HD

GameBox Systems has pre-orders open for their all new digital-to-digital internal HDMI mod for the Nintendo 64.  This mod provides another, less expensive, option for those that want to add HDMI capability to their N64 console!

You can pre-order the 64HD at one of the following online retailers:

  • (USA, Affiliate) CastleMania Games – SAVE 10% with Coupon Code: TITOLINK
  • (USA) Stone Age Gamer:  LINK
  • (UK) Zeb Labs:  LINK

Now while we’ve seen HDMI kits for the N64 before in the UltraHDMI and N64Digital (PixelFX), GameBox Systems is taking a different approach to this type of mod.  On one side of the spectrum we that the N64Digital, a feature rich mod in that it provides a lot of resolutions, scaling options as well as filters an other advanced features (including Wi-Fi).  The 64HD on the other hand offers a fewer yet solid set of core features at a lower price point.  Here is a list of the 64HD features as it appears on GameBox’s website:

  • Compatible with all N64 models
  • Supported Resolutions
    • 1080i60 (1920×1080 interlaced)
    • 720p60 (1280×720 progressive, Default Mode)
    • 480p60 (720×480 progressive)
    • 240p60 (144×240 progressive, use with component converter for PVM/CRT screens)
  • Scaling Modes
    • Integer 1:1 PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio)
    • Full Screen non-Linear
    • Non-integer linear scaling (Default scaling option)
    • Overscan for All Scaling Modes
  • VI Deblur
  • Image Brightness Control
  • 3 Pixel Filter modes
  • 3 Scanline Modes (Simple and Hybrid)
  • Settings saving

The 64HD will retail at $129.00 USD, however, if you order before February 23rd you can purchase at a reduced price of $119.00 USD.

Now one thing to note is that the 240p resolution is best used with a CRT by utilizing a non-scaling HDMI to component converter. There are very few known converters that work to achieve this.  The one linked HERE (affiliate) is confirmed to work with the 64HD.

Additionally, 720p mode appears to be compatible with almost all devices that GameBox has tested, however, 480p and 1080i are auxiliary modes that may have issues on some devices such as audio or graphical glitches.  The quality of 1080i depends on your displays ability to de-interlace the video input.

The last item I want to discuss is that, like all the internal HDMI mods that came before, the 64HD does also require fine pitch soldering to the Reality Core Processor (RCP).  This is not an easy mod to do and requires moderate to high proficiency in soldering.  If you think that this is not a mod that you can do yourself I strongly encourage you to reach out to an experienced modder.  In the video linked above I provide step by step instructions on how to compete the mod so you can judge for yourself if this is something that you able to do.

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