A Fix For Bricked Wii U’s???

Voultar has just posted a video that shares a method of potentially fixing Wii U’s showing errors that have been leading people to believe their consoles are permanently bricked.  He used software by GaryOderNichts that’s flashed on a RPi Pico – All that’s needed is the pico, a USB cable and an SD card.  This software allows you to un-brick the console WITHOUT opening it, as well as back up some console info to help if the NAND eventually does go bad. NO PERMANANT MODIFICATIONS are made, so even if this doesn’t fix yours, it’s worth a try!

Raspberry Pi Pico:
UDPIH Software:

Voultar points out that he only had a test pool of five bricked consoles to test…but all five were recovered with this method.  Maybe he got lucky and there actually is a big issue with NAND chips?  Maybe it’s both?  Either way, this non-evasive method will cost you less than $10 and just a few moments of time, so it’s totally worth giving it a try!

…and of course, we’ll update everyone as more results come in and if any new information is discovered!

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