$60 ROM/Cart Addon for Nintendo “Classic” Consoles

A cartridge reader called the “Classic to Magic” is being released that allows you to use your original cartridges on a Nintendo Classic console.  Supposedly this adapter is compatible with both the SNES and NES and will also allow ROM’s to be played via a USB port.

Overall, I’m extremely underwhelmed.  While this does solve a problem for certain SNES Classic users, at around $150 for both the console and adapter, I’d much rather see people spend their hard-earned money on a NES AVS & Rom/Flash Cart, or a Super NT.  Or a Raspberry Pi solution that can be used on both HDTV’s and CRT’s. 

I guess your average consumer might just want “something that works” without any tinkering, but in my personal opinion, this is far from the best solution for most users:

C2M – Classic to Magic – Play all SNES Cartridges and Roms from USB on your SNES Mini, NES Mini and Shonen Jump Mini


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