3DO RGB In Stock At

After Dan previously announced that he’d be open sourcing and no longer be selling the 3DORGB kit, a few stores said they’d look into keeping the project alive.  Projects like this are very challenging to stock, as the flex cables can be tricky to produce and the mod itself is a bit complicated to perform.  Lucky for us, has stepped up to the plate and is now selling the full kit for around $80:

While the 3DO outputs high quality S-Video natively, the signal is locked to 480i on all but one Japanese model.  While that’s okay for some FMV-based games, many titles really benefit from a progressive scan 240p output.  This mod both includes a switch that toggles between resolutions and offers a true RGB output!  In my opinion, the combination of both makes this a must-have for hardcore 3DO fans!

All info you need about the mod is available in this video:

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