1080p Retro Streaming WITHOUT an Upscaler!

I just posted a continuation of my previous video capture video, that shows how you can use inexpensive equipment to stream or capture retro gaming consoles in Full HD 1080p without an upscaler.  In fact, if you already have a spare computer and monitor, it’s possible you can achieve the same results for less than two hundred dollars!!!  That’s less than many capture cards!!!

Also available on LBRY and Bitchute.  Here’s links to items used in the video:

SCART2DVI Adapter:
DVI Dongle:
Datapath Vision E1S:
HDMI Splitter:
1Ft Micro USB Cable:
3.5mm 1ft Audio Cable:
Cable tie:

Unlike the last detailed video, today’s is more of a general: “Check out how this would work” type of approach.  I’ll soon have a page that details the proper way to oversample video using the Datapath Vision capture cards (and describes some of the mistakes in this video).  For now, please familiarize yourself with the methods, hardware and terms in the main video capture section, as well as the detailed video below:

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