SNES SA-1 Speed Test Tool v3.1 Update

Vitor Vilela has updated his SA-1 Speed Test to v3.1, adding new test parameters and improving stability for hardware and emulator testing. It is designed to help SA-1 software and hardware coders to test their setups, to improve the SA-1 Pack Tool Suite used by SMW romhackers, and to test the functionality of SNES emulators. It can be used via the SD2SNES or burned to a real cart. Ikari made a cart and tested it successfully. I posted a video of the previous v3.0 running on my Super NT per Vitor’s request, and it behaved like a real SNES.

The SA-1 Speed Test ROM is open-source and doesn’t need to be compiled. Just download it from Github and copy it to your SD2SNES to test your SNES/SFC, Super NT, or Clone Devices.

QcRetro, from the SmokeMonster Patreon Discord Channel, built a test cart from a SNES cartridge PCB and added a ZIF connector for EEPROM swapping. He is sending it to me to bring back to Brazil for Vitor in December. This will be useful for testing future SA-1 Speed Test ROMs on real hardware, as well as SA-1 romhacks and Vitor’s SA-1 Pack Tool Suite features.

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